Succulent Garden Subscription

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Crazy Fresh Succulents to Elevate Your Space

There’s nothing more inviting in a space than a lush, modern display of succulents. Though ACME Floral, you can enjoy the luxury of fresh succulents every day of the week. With our monthly deliveries, you can treat yourself to the creative designs and artful displays that define our business. No matter the space, our team of floral ninja's will design for you a display that fits and complements your aesthetic. 

ACME Succulent Subscription Service Benefits

Through our subscription service, enjoy benefits such as:

  • Premium succulents: Our floral ninjas hand-select each plant to create exquisite arrangements that cater to the environment.
  • No charge for vases: We include premium containers with our succulent gardens, and our professionals swap them out for your convenience.
  • No contract: Once you start working with us, you can cancel whenever you like. There’s no obligation to continue.
  • A dedicated account manager: Communicate directly with either Jeremiah or Kirk to answer your questions and respond to any concerns.
  • Cost savings: One of the best parts of subscribing is you get lowered rates per stem compared with traditional retail prices. If you want fresh succulents anyway, why not enjoy the best arrangements at the best prices with a subscription service?
  • Discounts: Need to send flowers to a friend for their birthday? We got you! Subscription clients receive 10% off on all floral orders.

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