Cocktail Floral Arrangement

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Cocktail table floral arrangements are perfect for, well, cocktail tables. Aren't we deep? Leaving lots of room on the table for plates and drinks. She is maybe 5" x 5" in total.

Think small quirky kisses of seasonal blooms to dress up your event. Sometimes we florist stagger these small arrangements down the middle of main tables. Sometimes these smaller arrangements surround a larger arrangement. In this case, we call them "Satellite".

This all makes up a tablescape. A fancy term that encourages us to set the table and consider all the details. The table cloth, the runner, the candles, the silverware, the chargers, how many glasses. All those things come together to set the stage for your gathering. In my family, the guest of honor or birthday person always got the big red plate that said "your special" on it.