Raphis Palm

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Lady Palm

LIGHT Raphis palms will grow in bright sunny areas but they tend to look better in partly shaded areas.

WATER Water frequently and thoroughly. Keep soil evenly moist to the touch (not saturated). Don‘t let sit in water.

FERTILIZER For optimum plant health, fertilize with a 20-20-20 fertilizer every 3 month or whenever its deep green colour begins to fade. Follow label directions to obtain correct water to fertilizer ratio.

PLANT INFO Tolerant of many different soil types but needs sufficient fertilizer to look its best. Remove whole fronds as they yellow. Palms are sensitive to salts and minerals in their water and show a spotting like freckles on their foliage. When damage on the fronds becomes predominant, cut these fronds off as well. It is normal for palms to have brown tips on their leaves, similar to how our hair gets dry at the ends. These can be trimmed off.

ORIGIN Native to Madagascar.