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LIGHT No direct sunlight; your Peperomia prefers lots of bright, indirect light. The low or moderate light of a north or east window will work best. Use sheers or blinds if facing south or west windows.

WATER Allow soil to dry thoroughly between waterings. Peperomia thrive when their potting mix dries out completely between waterings.

KEEP YOUR PLANT HEALTHY For optimum plant health, repot your Peperomia, or just change the soil, every two years. When repotting, use any all-purpose or tropical soil mixture with good drainage. Don’t be surprised if the soil beneath your Peperomia is covered in roots; they are voracious growers. Those little sprouts that continuously pop up come from these roots.

ROTATE, ROTATE, ROTATE Rotate your plant occasionally if it receives light from only one side so that it keeps a nice even shape.