Hey Friends

ACME Floral Co. is owned by Jeremiah Allen and Kirk Wilder, alongside a team of talented floral designers.

In 2016 Kirk started churning out weddings, events and gifts to friends and family from our flat on Haight Street. Fast forward to 2020, when Jeremiah left his corporate interior design job to join the growing family business.

We are a couple of right-brained guys who strive to dazzle with our creativity & style. We are very different and thus balance each other out wonderfully. Kirk has a penchant for experimentation, asymmetry and gut-trusting instinctual drive, whereas Jeremiah is a symmetrically seeking missile with an exacting eye for management and data.

In the stores, you will find that we have splayed our hearts and souls in hopes of touching as many senses as possible.

  • 10 foot tall graphic fauna focal mural from Germany
  • Neon signage in homage to our QUEEN Whitney Houston
  • Shelves bursting with pots and vases for flowers and plant friends
  • Florist tools for the home florist and gardener
  • Gifts from our favorite designer brands around the world

We want to party with you on this strange journey of life and love and loss. We are often confused by the world but we know the power of flowers and how to arrange them for impact. For the record- Black lives Matter and Love is love. We celebrate the strange and unique particular mix of ions, genetics and stardust that makes you weird; and thus perfect.

Spread love, be of service and deep bows of gratitude...

Kirk, Jeremiah, & Stella the wonder pup